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"Redundant Constraints" Error (But '0 Redundancies', doesn't work when Replaced with Bushings)

Question asked by Caleb Petersen on Aug 24, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2013 by Caleb Petersen

Hi everyone, I'm simulating the mechanism of an AR-15 rifle in SW Motion Analysis 2013 SP4 on a fast university computer (3.04GHz i7, eight cores, 8Gb RAM...).  The model is fairly complicated, but after applying all desired mates, I can slide the bolt carrier back and forth, rotate and slide the bolt along/about its long axis, and move the buffer back and forth in the assembly view.  In motion, I'm first attempting a simulation of the bolt being locked (lugs pressed against the barrel extension, therefore the bolt should not move) with a force applied to the bolt face and a contact between the bolt and bolt extension, (just to make sure everything works before going to the trouble of setting up a more complicated motion study).  The events in an AR's firing cycle are timed in small fractions of a second, so my simulation lasts for ~26ms with 25,000fps.  Looking at the mates list in the motion study view, I see '0 redundancies'; however, when I attempt to run this simulation, I get the following error:


"Initial Conditions Error:
The model contains incompatible redundant constraints, i.e., constraints
that are contradictory and cannot be simultaneously satisfied.


Suggested course of action:
Try to eliminate some or all of the redundant constraints in your model."


I then went into the simulation options window and chose 'replace redundant mates with bushings'.  I got the following error when I tried to run it:



Errors found parsing command. Command ignored.

Errors found parsing command. Command ignored.

Simulation can not continue."


I've searched the web for any explanation of these problems, but no luck.


The model is so large I'm going to upload 2 ZIP files; if you want to see it, just extract both into the same directory and then open "Rifle.SLDASM".


Thanks in advance!