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Toolbox Issue - Trying to Create Custom Hole Wizard Threads

Question asked by Tanner Jones on Aug 26, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2017 by Jack John Frahm

In order to be as clear as possible, I am providing all the detail that I can so my issue will get resolved.


Here is what I want to do:

I am interested in creating new standard in Hole Wizard that I can select to use on more models in the future.

I am working with a shaft of multiple diameters, and at one section, it has external threads. Rather than running a Swept Cut around a Helix, I just want to use Cosmetic Threads/Shaded Cosmetic Threads.


The thread I want has been provided to me via an old engineering drawing of the shaft I'm working on, the details of the thread are:

2.360/2.352 - 18 UNS 3A Thread

Pitch Dia. 2.3239/2.3188

While I have been able to add a Cosmetic Thread through annotations, I do not find it satisfactory.

I have an edge selected, Standard: None, Minor Diameter: 2.3239in, Blind, Depth: 0.750in. I've also made sure to Callout the details that are listed above.

The reason I have an issue with it is that it should have about 12 revolutions of threads, not just 2 giant rings with the shaded threads. This is why I want to make a custom thread in Toolbox.

As a second issue, as I mentioned, the shaft is of several differing diameters... well, on the section that has the threads, the entire section is discolored rather than only the threaded area. In other words, I have a 5" section of shaft with 0.75 depth of threads going down it at one end. The other sections of the shaft are silver in color as they should be, but the section with the threads is a grey color. (Display Style = Shaded with Edges, Shaded Cosmetic Threads = On, RealView Graphics = Enabled, Ambient Occlusion = Enabled, Shadows in Shaded = Disabled)


Back to the main issue of creating custom properties in Toolbox; I know it can be done, I've already seen tutorials on how to do so... at least for inside threads anyways.

I however, am having difficulties in changing anything at all.

I go to Options - Hole Wizard/Toolbox - Configure.

Under the 2nd Tab (Customize Your Hardware), there are zero folders named Hole Wizard despite images I've seen in tutorials. There is not one in ANSI Inch, there is not one in ANSI Metric, and there are none anywhere else... except under the 1st Tab.

In the 1st Tab (Hole Wizard), all the options are listed, and I even copied one of the standard to create a folder for all the new items that I create so that I may find them... but there is no way to customize any of the properties on the 1 - Hole Wizard Tab.

Furthermore, in the new standard I copied, in [New Folder] - Tapped Holes - Tapped Hole, I get a list of many holes, but at the top, I see:

Not found Smart Fastener

Not found


Not sure what exactly this means, I tried to search for it, but I could not find anything about it.


But when I navigate back to "2 - Customize Hardware", the folder I just created is not listed there; making it impossible for me to make any custom threads for my model.


I'm not sure what to do at this point since on one else seems to have had this problem.

Any help would be appreciated. I did in fact install Toolbox and locate it at "C:\SolidWorks Data\", so I do not know what this issue is.


If anything, I would happily like to just download the files that should be in the SolidWorks Data folder, assuming that it could be that easy. I do not find any Hole Wizard folders anywhere in "C:\SolidWorks Data\", so I believe that might be the issue, but I'm not sure.



SolidWorks 2013 Premium, Windows 8 Pro, NVidia Quadro K2000, 16GB RAM, 3.4GHZ i7-3770