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    Trimming a sketch With API

    Chris Johnson

      Hi All,


      So I'm creating this macro and it sketches a circle  on the front plane @ the origin and then it sketches a horizontal line from 9 o'clock  to 3 o'clock. Now I want to use trim to closest to remove the lower half (6 o'clock area) leaving a nice little semicircle at 12 o'clock...


      my problem is that I cannot seem to get SW to trim the way I want it to.SW wants to cut away the entire circle or the entire horizontal line instead.

      Also the circle will be different sizes each time the macro is run so I wont be able to specify any coordinates to help guide SW in the trimming process.


      all the SW examples handle simple straight lines that cross each other and I have have been able to do that without trouble. But, when it comes to circles...Im just driving in circles so to speak

      does any one have any suggestions for how to get this done?




      Cuz..this isnt working:

      boolstatus = swSketchManager.SketchTrim(swSketchTrimChoice_e.swSketchTrimClosest, 0, 0, 0)