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    Points randomly disappear when creating splines with CreateSplinesByEqnParams2

    Danny Knudsen Malkowski

      Right, so I'm using the API to generate spline curves via CreateSplinesByEqnParams2 in C#.

      The problem is that SolidWorks in a seemlingly completely random fashion elects to once in a while display draggable interpolation points, while at other times only showing the end points of the spline. In the latter case, dragging the endpoint will rotate and translate the curve a bit without changing the shape of the curve.


      This is very annoying and I'm quite a bit baffled.


      Does anyone have a clue to what triggers this behavior and is there some way to make it do one or the other? I'd rather have it always remove the points than randomly so that I can find alternative solutions to change the shape. I'd of course prefer to always have interpolation points.


      Best regards