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    How do you draw a curve offset from another curve along an axis not normal to the plane of the first curve?

    Terry Talus

      hope this question makes sense


      Imagine you extrude a cylinder.  Then you create a plane that intersects the cylinder at a 45 degree angle to the axis running down the center of the cylinder, then draw a circle (larger than the cylinder) on that plane.  Now, you want to extrude that circle, but not in a direction normal to the plane the circle was created on, but rather you want to extrude it the direction of the axis of the cylinder.


      How would you do that?


      I realize I could draw another circle in the same position below the first and do some kind of loft between them - but let's say it's not an easy-to-draw thing like a circle, and maybe is some arbitrary geometry that is not easy to redraw... and you just want to somehow extrude the original sketch?