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Discussion created by Joseph Chaffin on Aug 23, 2013
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I would like to make a suggestion that may be beneficial in my line of design at least. I am in the sheet metal fab design field and have to edit many flanges every day. It would cut half of my design time down if I could edit more than one flange at a time. For example if I have four sheet metal vertical walls with four 90 degree bends on the top and want to miter all of those flanges I have to do it sketch by sketch. That’s 4 different sketch edits and 8 different miter angle changes.


My proposal is this:


Let users edit more than one sketch at a time. I know that this can even be only remotely possible if they are on the same plane. I do not expect to be able to edit multiple sketches on different planes. It would be helpful to be able to edit them all in one sketch. The name of the command could be OPEN PLANAR SKETCH EDIT or something like that. Basically just add a button and select multiple sketches you want to edit and change them all.


I do not know. It is an ideal.