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BOM limitation?  How do you all do this?

Question asked by 1-1CSN3S5 on Aug 22, 2013
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We do not use Ent PDM.  Only the standard BOM, customized prop builder, variuse configurations.

I've been setting up all our BOMs, standard and custom, with no problems, until now.

I need a way to manage our "purchased then modified"  (Buy and modify) parts cleanly.


For example, what I need is this;


I buy a 1/2-13 UNC bolt and need to machine 0.050in off of the head hieght.


What I need is to make a model of the bolt with our in house part number.

The drawing will only show the modified dimensions (the new head height)

The description in the title block will be "Modified bolt for flange clearance"

I need to add a parts list that is the stock bolt as item 1 and it's vendor description.

Add a balloon (item 1) to the bolt in the drawing view.


I have created a close solution by adding fields in cust prop tab for "Vendor PN" , Desc, and Suggested source in the part model.  Then created a custom BOM called "Modified Parts List" that referencesthis info.  When I insert this BOM into my part drawing it works to give the stock item info.


Problem is that when I create a Summary bill in the top assy of all parts only, the bolt and it's info does not apprear in the list.


Our Summary bill goes to purchasing for our BUY parts and drawings go to the machine shop. 

Purchasing does not see the stock bolt but the machine shop sees it when they review the drawings.  They then have to contact purchasing to order the bolt.


I have tried creating an assy, insert the modified bolt model, insert the stock bolt and hide it.  This causes trouble when showing or hiding all hidden parts, etc.

Not the best way.


So,  How do you folks handle managing your Buy and Modify parts?