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Need advice regarding internal fan flow for axial fan

Question asked by Syarif Yahya on Aug 22, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2013 by Jared Conway

Hello everyone,


I need some advise to make me clear about fan simulation. I am currently trying to simulate an axial fan, with dimension 40mm x 40 mm. However, from the forum, I found that I can simulate using the fan feature in flow simulation and also I can use rotating region that can specify the rotating speed.

Between these two, for the case of rotating region method, the rotating region volume or area has to be disable in component control. However, for the internal fan method, the rotating region volume must not be disable.


The question is, which of this method is better? secondly, if I used fan feature, is the blade need to be model precisely or I can just use a simple block with opening circle in the middle similar with the dimension of the fan curve data that I supply to the model? I found that the fan curve only need to know the inlet and out let flow,outer diameter and hub diameter, but not the fan blade dimension. Or do I still need to model the fan blade as for the rotating region method?


I am really appreciate if someone can clear my doubt.


Thank you 

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