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How to set an initial position for an animation?

Question asked by Aaron Snyder on Aug 22, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2013 by Paul Cullen

Ok I'm just starting out with Solidworks Motion so I have a very stupid question which has been driving me crazy for hours.  How can I move the initial position of an assembly in a motion study?  I have an assembly in it's exploded state.  In the motion study tab I have animated the collapse.  The only problem is that the position of the assembly is too far to the right.  When I try to save it as a video part of the assembly is cropped off.  All I want to do is move the entire assembly to the left a bit so that it will be centered in my video.  I try to pan to the right, I have my model exactly where I want it, the animation plays flawlessly.  When I slide the timer bar back to zero the assembly jumps back to it's original (wrong) position.  I tried moving the assembly to the position I want and recalculating, the assembly immediately jumps back to the original, wrong position.  I try saving the animation and it also jumps back to it's wrong position.  I tried toggling "Orientation and Camera Views" off and on, nothing.  How can I simply center my assembly so it will show up correctly when I make a video?  I'm not even doing anything more advanced like creating key points, I just want to move the assembly.