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Tool box Gearbox builds Help Urgently! Project is ticking

Question asked by Matthew McDonald on Aug 22, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2013 by Matthew McDonald

Hi fellas,


I have tried every avenue I can think of... I am creating a planetary drive gear arangment. I am taking the part from tool box, ansi metric, and creating the correct ratios. The problem i am having is when i try to manipulate any of the parts, such as add circlip grooves into a spur arangment, they dont stay! I bring the spur into the assembley, i then open the part from its original assembley to modify, then i save and it changes the part within the assembley to what i desire. Then i save. Reopening the whole planetary assembley, the modified part looks like it did when i moded it, then it swithches back to the reference file part in solid works.


Now i have tried re referencing assembleies, parts, and still no luck. I have been messing around with this issue, utbing, and researching and still no answers. Can some guru out the help please!?


All I want is to use the tool box parts as templates, then save as my own to modify for use in a modelled assembley for this project, and possible 3d print them to, time permitting, not sure what can be done. Can this be done at all?