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    Ongoing issue with HP Z420, Z620, and Z820 Workstations

    Sherrie Kysilka

      Greetings SolidWorks users,

      Since June 18, 2013,  I've been having issues with my HP Z420, which I purchased in August 2013.  What happens is... without warning, roughly every 2-3 hours  it "freezes" (no keyboard or mouse input at all) and I have to hard shut-down to make it operational again.  Ironically, remote accessing the CPU allows that person to operate the machine while I cannot.   I spent weeks diagnosing the issue with HP without resolution. I even received an "Alert" email from HP saying that "a small number of customers are having this problem with the Z420 and Z620."   This is the reason they "warrentee" replaced my Z420 with a Z820. They do not know the cause or cure.  I was really excited to receive such a powerhhouse.   Unfortunately for me, it does the same thing!!!!  It happened twice the first day I booted it up. I haven't turned it on since.    Believe me... I hope no one else is having this happen as it has been a nightmare to productivity. (and sanity) and at this point in time it is still unresolved.


      If any of you have this "freezing" issue, please let me know.  Any theories as to the cause?  We replaced "everything" in the Z420 before HP sent me the Z820.

      Best regards,

      Sherrie Kysilka

      504.834.9999 x3360

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          John Burrill

          Sherrie what are the specs for the Z420 and Z820?

          There's a lot of possiblities but I immediately suspect the Windows image and the Video card.

          -the video card because it sounds like it's overheating-which would explain why you can run the machine remotely without this problem.  That could mean defective video card or an improperly sized power supply or inadequate airflow in the cabinet.  Since you've been given a replacement system, I expect that to rule out component defects.

          The Windows installation was probably made using a disc image at HP. My experience with Dell suggests that a bad image affects entire platforms but only in subtle ways.  On my machine all internet downloads were corrupted regaurdless of the webbrowser I was using.  Have you tried dumping windows, formatting the disc and doing a clean OS load from the OEM discs?

          Other causes could be non-ECC Ram, unsupported RAID configuration or overly agressive security/back-up software

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              Sherrie Kysilka

              Thanks for taking your time to help.


              Original purchase:

              Z420 Model#B2B97UT  --WIN7Pro,  INTEL E5-1607, 3.0Ghz, 6GB RAM, Nvidia Quadro 600(1GB)  I bought this knowing that Solidworks was not going to support XP or 32-bit forever and didnt have this problem for the first 10 months of usage. Before this Z420, I was operating on a HPxw8200 without issue.


              Replacement from HP:

              Z820 Model#E2A27UT --WIN7Pro,  INTEL E5-2643, 3.3Ghz, 8GB RAM, Nvidia Quadro K4004(3GB)recommended by SW.


              On the Z420, I had an "HP" tech here a numerous times replacing everything possible- Hard drive,  Processor, Video card etc, (no help)

              I did two complete reinstalls from discs on the Z420 (no help)

              The Z420 had been in operation until June18. So for ten months of no issues to a nightmare.

              Basically, HP then gave me a new machine(the Z820) and to their kudos... even some upgrades.


              All components and peripherals in the CPU's are directly from HP. RAM on both is ECC.


              I have also spent $600+ to replace monitor, cables,  UPS.  I've tried different keyboards and mice.


              Today, I made arrangements for later this week....The HP tech is coming back to replace "all replaceable components" on this brand new Z820 that has only been in operation for less than a day. They acknowledge the problem and have diagnostic proof using their own software to send them reports of it's existance.   


              Thanks again!!!

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              Sherrie Kysilka

              Lucky YOU!!!!!!!


              Well after not freezing for two weeks It....the new Z820 froze at 1:30pm today. Near as anyone (including HP) can tell, its a Windows Update issue. So I'm in process of restoring to a previous day and we'll see what happens...