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    Create Solid from Two Surfaces

    Cory Spivey

      What is the best practice in creating a solid from two surfaces (as attached)?

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          Luke Seed

          I would think your best practice is to:

          1. import both of those surfaces into the same part
          2. trim off any excess surfaces you don't want
          3. since this has two flat edges I would set up a plane on each edge.
          4. On each plane do a sketch that converts the intersecting edges into a profile.
          5. Turn those two sketches into planar surfaces bounded by the sketch
          6. Take all 4 surfaces you have and do a knit surface checking the "merge entities" and "try to form solid" boxes.


          Provided all the edges are clean this would get you one solid part.





          1. Trim excess surfaces you don't want in the initial part
          2. Save new assembly as .sldprt
          3. Sketch a intersection curve on the small open side and make a planar surface
          4. Do a boundary surface for the long open side.
          5. Take all 4 surfaces and knit the surfaces together into a solid.