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SolidWorks Advanced Certifications - Are they worth it for grad school applications?

Question asked by Siva Praneeth on Aug 21, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2016 by Kevin Chandler

Hello everyone


A little back ground about me. I am a just graduated student of mechanical engineeringand received an offer to work for a company during campus placements. I will be joining in September/October and start working. My work needs me to use SolidWorks. I had 3 certifications (CSWA, CSWP, CSWP-sheet metal) by the time company offered me the job. Now I gained one more (CSWSA-FEA).


However, I am interested in using SolidWorks as a tool and don't want to work with it (CAD) all the time. My plan has always been to go for higher studies (Masters in mechanical engineering) in a good University (USA/Germany). So, I will be applying for Masters at the end of this year for the next fall admissions.


I am an avid learner and like to test my skills. I took the certification tests just to get personal satisfaction. I never looked them as resume boosters (But by the time of campus placements, I think they boosted my resume and the company that hired me recognized them immediately as they use SolidWorks). I still want to gain all the certifications that lead me to a CSWE (my ultimate goal).


What I am pondering on is, are the advanced certifications including CSWE worth it for higher studies? Do they mean anything to the application evaluators. I see that they are relevant to the companies that use any cad software or sollidworks. But are they anywhere relevant for masters applications? Why I am worrying so much is because, I have roughly a month or two to give all 3 advanced tests and CSWE before I start working on applications. I strongly believe I am capable of preparing well and giving all the tests and pass. But, well, the obvious problem is the amount of time and money invested (remember I am just graduated student) is huge. I have to borrow it from someone and have to payback after I start earning later in the year. So, is it worth the time and money?


I know what I am asking is more of a career/academic advice. But I see no place else fit to ask this question. I am hoping for an answer from the experts in the field of CAD and  Mechanical Engineering.



Thank you for your time.

Siva Praneeth