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List of approvers and revision management

Question asked by Nir Smadar on Aug 21, 2013



I'm interested to know how do other companies manage their list of approvers for a drawing, when increasing revision.


currently we write our list of people that are responsible for the drawing (designer, QA, approver etc.) in the drawing's title block.


Some people say that this list never changes, since the drawing is a legal document, and the person who originally designed the drawing or the person who first checked (QA) the drawing etc., should be mentioned forever on that document. All other changes should be documented in an ECO line.


Others state that the list of people who's names are written in the title block are the one's who are responsible for the changes made to the drawing from previous to current revision, and that the information about the original designer can be searched for and be found in the drawing history (we work with a PDM system).


Personally I prefer the later, as it sounds more logical to me. But I want to hear how is it done in other places, so please feel free to enlighten me.