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    Sharing SW VSTA VB Macros between staff

    Michael Caulton

      Our company has a bunch of VBA based macros that we are now moving into VSTA VB Macros. The problem is how is the best way to share them amongst multiple users?


      When you create a new macro button on a user’s computer it asks for the *.dll location. Which .dll is it talking about as there are a lot of similarly named one's in different sub folders (SwMacro/bin, SwMacro/obj/debug, SwMacro/obj/Release) within the macro project folder?


      When being shared amongst different machines does one only need that one dll file or do you need other supporting files to be available?


      Does one simply point the button to this .dll location or do you have to register the .dll on each user’s computer? If you do, do you have to re-register it every time the .dll is updated as these files will probably be kept on a network and updated fairly regularly so we want the updates to be as seamless as possible.