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    Edit sub-assembly mate

    Luc St-Pierre

      I am trying to modify an angle mate from a sub-assembly using IAssemblyDoc::EditMate2. I did everything I found about it in the documentation : Select mate entities, select the mate feature then call EditMate2. However EditMate2 returns 0 (swAddMateError_ErrorUknown) and I can see that the mate was not modified. I tried calling IAssemblyDoc::EditAssembly on the sub-assembly component's assembly document before editing mate and also call EditMate2 on that assembly document but it also did not work. EditAssembly function does not even do anything. I expected it would be the equivalent of selecting the sub-assembly and clicking on "Edit Assembly".


      If I open just the sub-assembly file, EditMate2 works very well.


      What am I doing wrong?

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          Keith Rice



          1. Have you tried using EditMate2 on a top level mate? I would recommend trying this to see if you are able to get EditMate2 to work at all, this way you can determine if the issue is really related to sub-assemblies or whether it is related to your code. I know it does work. I have used it in the past. For example, see the video at the bottom of this blog post: Mating Automation Techniques.


          2. IAssemblyDoc::EditAssembly is only used to leave in-context assembly editing. For example, you would edit a part in context using IAssemblyDoc::EditPart2, then you would return to the assembly with EditAssembly. So, no, it is not the same as "Edit Assembly" in the user interface. Instead you should it EditPart2.



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