Terry Raymond

Need part number add-in for EPDM

Discussion created by Terry Raymond on Aug 20, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2013 by Tim Webb

Anyone interested in creating an add-in for assigning part numbers in EPDM?  Or know of a supported add-in that is available?


Need it to be able to run during a transition and manually.  Not create/burn a number every time a SW file is added to the vault.

I'm stretched pretty thin and unable to tackle EPDM API.  Looking for some help!



Here is my vba code for making the part numbers inside solidworks from the EPDM generated serial number.


    'Assign part number from serial number.  XXX-XXX(-XX) format
    PartNumber = Left$(SerialNumber, 3) & "-" & Right$(SerialNumber, 3)

    'For library parts with multiple configurations (ie with multiple bolt lengths), assign part numbers for each configuration.
     If g_ConfigsAreSeparateParts Then

         For i = 0 To UBound(g_ConfigNameList)
              sConfigName = g_ConfigNameList(i)

             'Create dash number (ie "-01").  Start with 01 (i+1).  Probably a cleaner way to do this.
             DashNumber = "-" & Right$("0" & i + 1, 2)

             'set @ config to invalid part number
             If sConfigName = "" Or sConfigName = "PreviewCfg" Then DashNumber = "-XX"

             'Create whole part number
             ConfigPartNumber = PartNumber & DashNumber
         Next i
     End If