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Open lightweight and resolve but Toolbox doesn't resolve material properties

Question asked by Chris Michalski on Aug 20, 2013

Okay, I'm still in 2011 so I'm wondering if 2012/13/14 corrected this.

When I load an assembly and let it load lightweight, it doesn't include the material properties (e.g. density) of toolbox parts.  Tell SW to set all lightweight to resolved and it's no longer lightweight, but it doesn't update the material.  Edt the toolbox definition of the parts and it says it is using the material, but it shows the material as <not specified> and performing mass properties verifies it did not load the density.


The only way I have found for fasteners to include material properties is to go into options and turn off the "load lightweight" option BEFORE opening a file with toolbox parts.


It is a bit unnerving that I have to remember to turn that off before opening a file, otherwise my fasteners are the density of water and assembly mass and CG are wrong.


Is that still the case in newer versions?