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    "Register My Products" Issue

    Scott Scarpinato

      I currently have an active Student license but when I go to the customer portal to register my product as shown in the picture I attached, it says the serial number I entered is invalid. Why?

      Additional information:

      • I bought the license close to a year ago but is still active
      • The version I have is 2012-2013 (and I want to update which requires me to register the license)

      All help is greatly appreciated


        • Re: "Register My Products" Issue
          Anna Wood

          Student licenses are not eligible for Service Pack updates.


          That is why you are locked out of that area of the Customer Portal.  Those areas of the customer portal that are not available to you are for commercial seats of SolidWorks that are on a current maintanance contract.


          To get the SW2013-2014 Student Edition you will need to re-purchase the software from your favorite educational software provider.