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Weldments with Deck Plating

Question asked by Stephen Gioacchini on Aug 20, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2013 by John Lega

I am looking for a way to represent sq. footage of deck plate as well as weight in my Weldment cutlist. Up to this point I have been excluding it from cutlist and calling it out in a note. I just didn't want to call out every cut section, leaving it up to the fabricator to fit between beams with approx sq. footage called out.


I need it to be tied to the cutlist or as a single cutlist item. I can do a manual cutlist and make all sections one cutlist item but the weight is not correct. It seems to only take the first panel. Also I would like to keep the cutlist Automatic.


Any suggestions? I also thought of making the deckplating a separate part and showing in my assembly bom but that is a different direction.