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    3D-Mouse Space Controller + SW2013

    Greg Brown

      Hi folks.


      Although a SW user since 1996 I am new to this forum so please be patient with me if im in the wrong place.


      I would like to know if anyone here is using a Space Controller http://www.spacecontrol.us/ in combination with SolidWorks2013 running on Win7pro/64 (if that would make any difference).


      I introduced this controller to a friend last year when he was on SW09 and was super happy with it's performance, but since he has upgraded to SW13 it appears to no longer manipulate the model.

      Yes - the drivers and firmware are the most current.

      Yes - the SW plug-in is current and activated in the program...


      It's the wierdest thing as the demo 'cubie thing' still runs (and can be manipulated) within the SW environment but the SW model will not respond to control by this device.

      My interest is not just for him as I also use a Space Controller (hence the recommendation) and am looking to upgrade to SW2013 very soon but would ABSOLUTELY miss my 3D mouse if it cannot be made to function....


      Help me forum people.



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          Greg Brown

          Found a resolve to our dilema


          It appears that the ESET firewall was blocking communication between the Spacecontroller and computer local host.


          I sent an email to support@spacecontrol and got an extremely helpful and speedy reply form them that pointed directly to the most probable source of the problem.


          Makes me a lot more comfortable going forward with SW upgrade.


          If you have considered a 3D-mouse and are interested in a better option (IMHO) to the 3Dconnexion setup, do yourself a favour and check these out.

          I have found the angled base approach to the control mechanism (ball in my case) alot more comfortable than the earlier version of Space MousePro that I had a few years ago.

          Also - SpaceControl offer the option of ball or cap where 3Dconnexion dropped the (more favourable) ball a long time ago.


          That is all - As you were....