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Can't cut hole with draft in sheet metal

Question asked by Max Crittenden on Aug 16, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2013 by Bernie Daraz

OK, I want to countersink some holes in a sheet metal part. (I have left and right configurations with countersinks on opposite sides, so I don't want to use the hole wizard.)


If I sketch the countersink diameter and cut with a draft, then do the sheet metal conversion, the countersinks disappear.


If I sketch the holes after the sheet metal conversion and then cut, I don't have the option to add a draft.


The only way I can see to make this work is to make the cut before the sheet metal operation, then drag it down the tree after the sheet metal operations. But then the sketch plane is lost, and the sketch relations go dangling. So I have to fix those errors.


This is crazy! Surely it's an oversight not to have the draft option on holes added after a sheet metal conversion. Or there must be a simpler way to get this done. Any ideas? Thanks all.