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    Positional Tolerance on holes, help?

    Jimmy Stephens


      is there currently a way to apply the below tolerances with out manually fudging them in?

      the way i did it for the .010 tol. below was to draw in the two arcs, dimension both and back out the <dim> and place the control frame in.

      for the .005 tol. i put in a linear dimension, again backed out the <dim> and placed the control frame in.

      is there an easier way?







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          Dwight Livingston



          If you are looking for a SW function for bilateral postionial tolerancing using a polar coordinate, I would not expect to find one. It is probably too rarely used for such a programming effort.


          I agree that combining two dimensions to make one dimension is a workaround. I think SW should have better tools for creating sets of arrows, leaders, and text manually, using sketch relationship tools. I have not needed to make a notation like the one you show, but many times I've needed to create a dimension manually, and I have often wished I had better means to fashion it myself and have the thing not go to pieces when moved.