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    To 3DVia and Back Again, a Designers Tale

    Andy Miller

      So i'm pretty sure the answer to this question is no but I thought i'd ask anyway. I'm getting more and more requests from customers who buy our equipment if they can have 3D models to utilize in their own 3D layout programs. Specifically they are requesting .stp files to use. I want to offer them a "stripped down" version of the model (essentially just the shell of the machine) to use for dimension and aesthetic purposes while keeping the proprietary innards secure.


      Currently my company uses Pro-E as their CAD software, I'm a multimedia designer by trade and not a CAD designer but I do have access to this program if need be. I'm a big fan of 3DVia's ability to "Simplify" a model and thereby quickly gut it by removing small parts and removing internal parts.


      QUESTION: Any way to utilize 3DVia's Simplification tool and then get the model back to .stp format.


      Running V6R2013.

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          John Burrill

          Hi Andy, welcome to the forums.

          Unfortunately no, you can't.  3DVia acheives size and performance efficiency by rendering parts as meshes-much the same way that Edrawings does.  Consequentially, it's output files are all mesh formats like STL, OBJ and 3DS.

          Now you can insert some of these formats into SolidWorks and other CAD programs, but they come in as faceted models which don't have analytic surfaces so mating those components and generally working with them in the assembly comes cumbersome.

          Your best bet is to obfiscate the internal details using the tools in Pro-E/Wildfire/Creo.

          SolidWorks has a couple of tools that are effective towards this end: Save-as-part and Defeature.  If Pro-E doesn't have something and your organization has a seat of SolidWorks or Rhino, maybe you could use one of these programs to remove your internal details.

          Good luck.


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            Jeremy Feist

            it has been a long time since I used Pro-E, but back then they had a tool called shrink wrap that would do what you are looking for.

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              Andy Miller

              Thanks for your responses guys. John, you answer was great, very thoughtful and informative but it looks like the Shrinkwrap feature Jeremy mentioned is my best bet for now so he gets the "correct answer".