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    Force EPDM Viewers to always see latest version.

    Martin Solem

      I have a customer who has ran into problems with workshop users(Viewer licenses, using only eDrawings) using the last opened (cached) drawing and not necessarily  the latest version of the drawing. I guess we can imagine the size of that error, picking a drawing lacking a small detail and put it into production. I know they should always use the "Get Latest Version" option, but that's not good enough, they want to be sure, which means as little human involvement as possible.


      I tried with "Always work with latest version does not work" setting. It seems that even with this setting checked, edrawings preview and opening a file in edrawings will open the cached file, not minding if it's the latest version or not.

      "Clear local cache on exit" doesn't do the trick either, as these computers are logged on 24/7 and "never" restarted.


      I tried to find something useful in the eDrawings API, but couldn't really find anything.

      But i'm hardly the first one to ask this:


      Is it possible, to force eDrawing users to use only latest versions of files?

      Anyone have a good idea on how to do this? Any thought is welcome.



      Best regards,


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          Matt Breithaupt

          Hi Martin,


          Have you found a solution yet?


          Our Doc Control dept. only uses E-drawings and experience the same issue.

          Short of having CAD dept. checkout, open drawing, save, close and check in (creating another version) I haven't been able to resolve.

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              Tim Webb



              First, I could be wrong but I'm not entirely sure it's really Doc Control permissions that you are concerned about, it's actually the shop viewers or other end users if I'm not mistaken.


              Here are the questions you need to ask yourself to address visibility: What groups are your end users in and are the permissions in those groups conflicting? What are the effective permissions they have in the folders where the eDrawings are? What are the effective permissions they have in the workflow states the eDrawings are in?


              This combination mentioned will dictate what visibility they have and EPDM should be configurable enough to accomplish what you are after. What you are talking about here is the data management strategy. Set the strategy on paper then implement it in a testbed vault, fix areas that don't meet the conditions of the strategy, then deploy it in your production vault.


              Hope this helps.

              Tim CEPA


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                  Matt Breithaupt

                  Hi Tim,


                  Thanks for the response.


                  It's not a user permission issue as it happens even to admin. The files are not actual "E-Drawing's", they are .slddrw. In order to save network licenses for our engineers, non SolidWorks users utilize E-Drawing viewer.


                  The issue is that when a variable (engineering approval) is set, it changes the rev in the title block on the face of the drawing.

                  Doc Control uses  E-Drawing viewer to see the drawing, but it doesn't show the updated revision scheme in the title block.

                  The only way we can get it to view correctly, is to open in SW, let the rev update, save & close (check in) and then it views correctly for all users.


                  The only idea I came up with would be to write a task of some sort that would open and save, to be executed when that variable is applied to .slddrw extensions. Though this option sounds painful!

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                      Brian McEwen

                      @Matt - If it is just the Revision variable then that is partly why EPDM has a variable and a database stamp. ...Are your drawings getting their properties from the model?  For us that is definitely part of the issue, so the drawing doesn't update fully until it is saved in SolidWorks.   You can change the visible card revision variable on the drawing before it is released (but keep that version invisible from many users), and then change the database stamp when it is Released. This approach would require a bit of workflow redesign.

                      I think the original poster had a different issue....



                      I also don't see why the "Always work with latest version" setting doesn't work better.   I think you are up against a flaw in the system that others have mentioned.  I'm not fully clear on the limitations, but you probably need to do some more testing.

                      If you can't resolve it with normal settings - Dispatch has a Get action - just brainstorming, but maybe you could train your users to use a specific right click action whenever they are getting a file... Or maybe someone can create a task that clears the cache periodically (given that your computers are never shut down).


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                          David Heverin


                          I know this is a little "tread drift" but I have got to jump in here and agree with you!  We DO NOT USE the "Always use latest version" setting in EPDM because it is unreliable.  Our policy is, for all SolidWorks users, that THEY are responsible for always clicking the "get latest version" manually to ensure that they have it rather than trusting an unreliable "auto" setting in EPDM.

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                      Bill Stadler

                      So the variable is changed but the drawing has never been opened correct?  The problem is e-Drawings and other viewers look at the last saved image so you will need to come up with a way to open that drawing and save it or some other method to communicate the variable status with Doc Control.   A task looks to be your best bet....and I agree it sounds painful along with another task to maintain and support.

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                      Stephen Lapic

                      Wouldn't checking the "Refresh cache during log in" in the Cache Options of the group take care of this issue?

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                        Stephen Gioacchini

                        This is probably late in the game but I wanted to share my solution for this. I have a task that creates and actual edrawing file whenever a rev is approved. I have a separate sequence in my workflow that vaults the edrawings and pdf of all revised/approved drawings so the viewers in the shop never see the actual .slddrw file. They can only see edrw and pdf files. I don't like the viewer as it has trouble updating and representing properly.


                        Don't know if this helps but thought I'd share.