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    Thermal Analysis Help

    Robert Guerra

      Thermal Analysis Help


      Hi everyone, I'm pretty new to this forum and seeking some help.


      So I'm running an FEA on a midsize valve that is going to be receiving 770º C on the bore.

      We're trying to find out how hot the top of a bracket is  going to be to see if the actuator we're using can take the heat.


      I've ran mainly Static Analysis a couple years ago and this Thermal is a little new to me.


      So these are my parameters.


      This is what I'm getting back.




      Now.. this is great and all, but im worried that

      A. I may not be doing something right.

      B. I know I didnt set a Convection rate for the different materials that are used in the assembly. (Bracket, Actuator, and Body are different materials)

      C. Were there any other set of thermal properties I should have added.


      Can someone please help me.

      I'm pretty proficient in SW, but kinda nooby in Simulation.


      Thank you