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Are there defaults for "Part Configuration Grouping"?

Question asked by Kelsea Barnett on Aug 15, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2019 by Rich Harder

We don't usually have issues when we're creating new drawings, but as we go back and make copies of old drawings we've been running into issues with the Part Configuration Grouping on BOM tables.  Specifically, it's coming out set to "Display all configurations of the same part as one item".  So it groups all of our fasteners into one line because they’re the same part even though they're different configurations.  This is really throwing off our fastener count if it's not caught before drawings are sent out for manufacturing.  For our purposes I don't see any time we'd want it to do the configurations this way.  So is there any way to control what the default setting is for that so we can force it to come out as "Display configurations of the same part as separate items"?