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    Property Tab Builder and I are fighting. (Excel-based list not working)

    Joseph Blumka

      Trying to get the property tab builder to use the excel list i have.

      I am using solidworks 2010 and excel 2010.


      It keeps giving me the error: "Error opening excel document with given range. Range should be denoted with a colon."

      I swear that this character ":" is a colon. The range I have listed is A2:A100

      (See the attached picture of the property tab builder and the section of the excel document)


      I have tried several variations of calling out the range including:

      Master List:Sheet1(A2:A100)


      Master List:(A2:A100)


      I even thought that maybe the "1" in "Sheet1" was throwing it off, so I removed it from the excel file and tried:

      Sheet(A2:A100), etc


      The other issue seems to be whatever variation I put in the range field, when i save the file it removes everything but A2:A100 when i open it back up.


      Can anyone help me!?