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Smart Mates - Is this proper function?

Question asked by James Biggs on Aug 15, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2013 by James Biggs

I have been working towards automating our assemblies, saving time where we can. (driveworks is coming for us in the not to distant future)   I notice that with "some" of my smart mates, when I drop the part in, it goes directly to where its supposed to and locks.  If i move the mouse across the screen it still stays locked in posistion. (also, i am pulling in from "insert component" menu, not library)


however, with some of my parts, when I select the part in the list of components, move the mouse to the gray area in the menu. The part goes where I wanted and locks. If i go directly to the green check, it stays put.  However, If i drag my mouse back into the model space, the component leaves its mated position and moves to my mouse. At this point I can drag it back into place.



Now its not really  that big a deal, Im just curious if this is normal, or if these differences are going to carry over to when i use the design library.  If its not normal, does anyone have suggestions to correcting it?



Oh and one more thing.. I have been doing this pretty much with added plans and axis wherever I can. Reasoning is that later if we change a part, I can fix the broken axis/plane in the part, to fix all the mates, instead of having to fix mates in every assemblie