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    file organization

    M. V

      I am using SW 2012.

      Deciding on file organization has been rather difficult as I am new to both the software and projects that have many parts.

      Right now I have an assembly that has many subassemblies that have many parts, some parts repeated in different subassemblies.

      To keep track of this project and the BOMs the parts need to stay with the subassemblies.

      After having made many subassemblies and organizing parts for each into separate files, I have a need to reorganize these assemblies into different folder divisions sometimes merging one assembly with another and doing things like having the parts into a new file.  I did not realize that moving the parts would result in an assembly being unable to find the part placed in it. I have resorted to resaving each part of an assembly into a different folder or directory ... is there a way to do this enmass instead of each part one at a time?

      Are there other suggestions for file transport and management? 

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          Jeremy Feist

          SW can find the parts after you move then - you just need to tell it where to look.


          in the system options - file locations - referenced files option list all of the folders (and sub-folders) where you will move files TO. SW will then look in these folders along with the last known location when trying to find any file.

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            Glenn Schroeder

            If you're not familiar with it, the Pack and Go function can be very helpful for copying an assembly (or drawing) and it's part files to a new location.  Then you can go back and delete the originals if you want.

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              Jerry Steiger

              M. V,


              If you just use Windows Explorer to move files around, then you will run into the problems you are seeing. The SolidWorks assembly file contains pointers to the parts, and it has no way of knowing that you moved them. If you save the parts to a new location while the assembly is open it updates properly. You can also use SolidWorks Explorer to move the files outside of SolidWorks because it will update the SolidWorks assembly file with the right pointers. As Glenn noted, Pack and Go works really well when you want to copy all of the assemblies and parts to another location. 


              Jerry S.