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Need to get isocurves from Solidworks models into Rhino

Question asked by Matthew Neesley on Aug 14, 2013

Hooo boy, here goes:


I have flat 2.5D reliefs designed as SW parts.  I now have access to a used Kuka KR-30/2 robot arm with a KRC-1 control cabinet.


There are several programs that run inside of Rhinocerous that will gain me the ability to machine surfaces of models.


My first way of thinking is that I need to get isocurves from my Solidworks parts into Rhino that I can assign to the Kuka Parametric Robot Control, which runs inside of Grasshopper, which runs inside of Rhino.  Anyone else out there familiar with these programs?


See the attached screenshot from inside Rhino.


Unfortunately support for the Grasshopper/Kuka PRC is very, very sparse right now.  I think what I want is possible, but I'm stuck. Anyone have any advice?  The Rhino/Grasshopper route is by far the cheapest way to get useable toolpaths to that arm.  Thanks in advance!