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how to set multiple auto updating holes?

Question asked by Thiago Moraes on Aug 14, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2013 by Thiago Moraes

Here's a doubt concerning productivity :


In my current project, I have, put simple, an extruded rectangle as the body of a heat exchanger.


Along the margins of one of its faces, I've created a threaded hole and multiplied them by using linear sketch pattern.


Then, over this face of this solid, I have an acrilic cover (solid body), and I need to create counterbore holes for the screws that will be holding them together.


Now, the cover is obviously in a different plane/sketch, and I would like to set each counterbore hole associated with the holes in the heat exchanger (as, for example, coincident), in such a way that if I change the location of the threaded holes, the counterbores aumatically update as well.


As I am placing the counterbores,  I could only select/snap to the first original threaded hole, because there is an axis linked to it. As for the other liner patterned holes, I can't select them, neither place them anywhere else and add a relation between them later, because there is no axis nor any other element that can be linked.


Given the number of times I will have to do it, the fact that linear pattern seems quite handy and the simplicity of the logic, could you help me with an easy solution for that?


Please see pict attached.