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    Fluid seperation (Dust and Air Filtration)

    Wilhelm Ferreira

      Good afternoon,


      I am currently sitting with a problem.


      I am designing a vortex dust particle separator with air containing dust (80/20 % split) flowing through it. I am having trouble separating the dust from the air. I created a fluid subdomain with dust indicated as a fluid with higher density than air. Therefore the heavier (denser) particles will be pushed outwards due to centrifugal forces acting on the vortex.

      Clean air will then exit from the nozzle at the end and the dust will be guided around the nozzle.


      Can Solidworks Flow Simulation separate fluids (even if they are the same phase)?


      I am aware that Solidworks is very limited in the sense that it cannot do multiphase modelling (please advise if incorrect).


      Any help will be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you


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          Nick Luyster

          Hi Wilhelm,


          I'm curious to know if you are doing a particle study.  In a particle study, you can specify that gravity will have an effect on the particles within a fluid.  I can only assume that a rotational frame of reference would have a similar effect to gravity and that the particles would separate.  I think you would get more worthwhile results using this method. 


          Also, you are correct.  Flow can not have two fluids in the same domain of disimilar phase (ie.  water and air).


          All the best,



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            Jared Conway

            I think that modeling this as an airflow problem with dust as a particle study is a better fit for your need.


            I don't think the mix of air and dust acts like a continuum in the physical sense which is how it would be treated the way you defined the setup. The concentrations will change, but based on mixing rules.