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    Getting units in SW Assemblies

    Mohammad Shaheer Zubairi

      I have a SW assembly which has some angular dimensions. When I click on those dimensions in GUI, the dimension property window appears on the left side and I can read the Primary Value tab which has two boxes. The top one gives the parameter name (D1@Sketch1), while the bottom one shows the magnitude and units (60.00deg).

      I can read the D1@Sketch via API, however for mangitude it just gives me 1.04719577, which is 60 degrees in radians.


      I need to know how can i read the 'deg' in 60.00deg by using an API. I am doing some parameterization and need to differentiation angles from other parameters types. I know that one way to do so would involve using Dimension Text, however that requires a pre-requsite that every dimension should have the appropiate dimension text.


      Any help would be much appreciated.