Export to illustrator

Discussion created by Guest on Aug 19, 2005
Hi, I am producing some content for our group for the web. In the past, using rhino, it was simple to save a viewport out as an illustrator file - we wold do this instead of a jpg or tiff, because we have more control over post-processing the image (custom colors for hidden-line, sections, etc.

I do not see a simple way to do this in solidworks. I am interested in exported 3d part views, and one cannot save these in dxf/dwg format (which illustrator can open).

I guess one workflow would be to save in iges and open in rhino (or stil) but this seems unfortunate.

Photoworks appears mainly for shaded/photoreal image creation. People must be using solidworks to produce technical documents?

Any advice greatly appreciated,

Shelley Green