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    Updating an OLE object without all the flashing

    Barry Robertson

      As background, I'm updating values within an embedded spreadsheet using the API.  However, it tends to flash a lot.  It activates (following the swOleObj.SetActive(True) call) and seems to flash a lot (maybe highlighting, then opening up more), the code does it's thing, then on the SetActive(False) call, it flashes again.  It does this for each of the embedded spreadsheets which becomes annoying.


      What I would like to do is simply update the cell values within the object without it thinking it has to open/close and flash while it's doing it.


      Any ideas?



        • Re: Updating an OLE object without all the flashing
          Barry Robertson

          The flashing and jumping around behavior seems to be attributed to the object activating it's normal interface and highlighting / becoming selected.  Furthermore, the jumping around seems to be the Excel tool bar ribbon being displayed instead of the SolidWorks tool bar ribbons so the actual embedded object's location moves around.


          Basically I don't want any of that of course, since my add-on is doing the work and doesn't need the tool bar change to Excel or to make the OLE object "editable" (expanded and opened for edit).


          To sum it up, if there was a swOleObj.SetActive(True, Invisible) call, that's what I need/want.  - Thanks again.