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    MacroFeature and MultiBody parts problem

    Tony Van De Velde



      I have created several macro features which represent different machinings on profiles. Our parts which represents the profiles are built as multi body parts.

      When I insert a macro feature that performs a cut extrude (e.g. milling a pocket) it may happen that one or more bodies are cut in two.

      In the normal SolidWorks user interface you are then able to choose which remaining bodies you want to keep. Using a macro feature this is not possible.So as a result of the cut operation, several bodies disappear from the part.

      For us, all the remaining bodies have to stay in the part because we need them in further calculations.

      I have tried using the method Feature.SetBodiesToKeep, unfortunately without any succes. I have also tried adding the bodies together using the Body2.Operations2 method. This did not work because the different bodies are not connected to eachother.

      Has anyone got any ideas how to keep the remaining bodies in the part after the macro feature has been executed? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Kind regards,