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Computer Specs Performance 2*2620 vs 2643

Question asked by Rich Thompson on Aug 14, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2013 by Christian Chu

Hi All


I'm looking to get a new system shortly and would like some advice on which would be better suited.


We do assemblies with around 200-500 parts, nothing too demanding but I plan to start rendering much more in the future. The system must handle both.


The options i've been given so far are for a single E5-2643 (3.3GHz) or a dual E5-2620 (2GHz) both with 16 or 32G ram and an ATI W5000 gfx card and SSD. 


I'm thinking the 2643 will be much better for solidworks but the 2*2620 will be better for rendering, is that so? how much of a difference during normal modelling would i notice?  I'm trying to get a dual E5-2643 system but I think it will be over budget, which is currently around £2500-2800. Dell uk configurator appears to be down so can't check currently


I can't find any concrete data comparing these processors with solidworks and even less comparing single vs dual systems.


Also, has anyone seen any comparisons of the newer nvida K2000 cards vs the ATI W5000? I can only find the older quadro 2000 comparisons where the W5000 wins hands down.


Any help or advice anyone can give would be very much appreciated