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Updating design table causes disconnection/loss of feature entities

Question asked by Dekani Fisher on Aug 13, 2013

I am developing a design table driven model. It involves a medical brace that adjusts to fit which ever design table driven bone surface I put into the assembly. However whenever I update the design tables for a new bone surface a get a range of feature errors because certain entities (e.g. a surface edge or a face) can no longer be found by certain features. (e.g. a loft no longer works because it can no longer find an edge even though I can see the edge is still there). I have to go into the feature and re-select the entities. This issue causes a knock on affect causing errors and lost feature entities further down the line.


Does anyone know of a way to ensure that selected entities within a feature (e.g. lofts) don't get 'disconnected' from within the feature just because i've updated the tables.


Please see image to see an example of a 'disconnected/lost feature entity'... in this case it is a lost edge (highlighted in green with a blue arrow pointing to it). The red dotted line shows where the edge was with the last design table... I dont understand why it hasn't connected to the edge with the new design table (i know its moved slightly but it is there!).