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    Solidworks PDM server path

    Rishi Raj

      Hello Team,


      Can anyone suggest as how to save File( .pdf , .xls, .doc etc ) from any Local system( Network shared) to PDM Database by defining the path loaction


      For Example :

      From Local system, we can give path D:\-----  and with the help of that path, file get saved inside the PDM.


      Please suggest.




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          Raghavendra Bhagwan



          Are you using EPDM? if yes, once the vault view is created, you can do file save from the office documents and browse the location of where the vault view to add the files, Alternatively there are third-party plug-in's for your office documents as well.


          There is no backdoor entry to add the files apart from using EPDM API's (Ex: Data Migration Tools)


          Hope this helps !



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              Rishi Raj

              Hello Raghav,


              Thanks for your reply,


              Yes we are using Solidworks PDM...what we are trying to acheive is find a way so that office documents can be saved from another ERP application to PDM through some Path.

              For example...there are option in ERP where we can save the Documents to specified location by defining the path like D:\temp\..

              Now what I was looking is that if there is anyway to get inside the PDM server through this path which will save documents directly from ERP to PDM whenever the action is performed as per user.


              I tried using D:\Server Name\folder name......but failed


              Please advise


              Thank you