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    Solidworks uses no RAM, why?

    Joachim Braeuninger



      we have a big Xeon Workstation with 128 GB RAM. If the Employee works on a Model (Sorry, Solid Works is not my Supportarea) the CPU goes on 100%

      and from the RAM ist would be only used 2 or 2.5 GB. Meanwhile the 256GB SSD is FULL. Is the calculation ready, the HDD has 150 GB more space...


      Graphic Card is a Quadro 6000. I think, the whole calculation (the Data) were outsourced on the SSD...We have a 24 GB RAM Notebook with Quardo 4000 and its faster....

      Maybe someone can help me or bringe a solution approach?


      Thank you very much.



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          Anna Wood

          What are you doing in SolidWorks?  Core SolidWorks, FEA, Flow, Rendering?  What version of SolidWorks?


          What CPU model specifically are in the two systems?


          SolidWorks is CPU bound.  The model of CPU you have in each system is important.  The faster, more modern cpu will crunch your numbers quicker.  More cores and ram depending on the tasks you are doing may not help.


          SolidWorks is using all the memory it needs.  Your video card will be of no help since SolidWorks only uses the cpu for calcs.


          If you are doing core SolidWorks it is single threaded for the most part.  FEA will use a bit more cores but does not utilize more threads well at the moment. Anything more than a quad core does not get used.  Flow will use more cores but flattens out after 8'ish thread I believe. Code was improved a release or two ago in Flow to utilize more threads.  Rendering will use all cores/threads to 100%.


          I am going to guess you are doing FEA and the reason your laptop works faster is that it has a faster, more modern cpu compared to your big Xeon system.  SSD drives will help as well, since FEA will write files to disk while solving.


          When was the last time the temp files were cleaned out on the system?


          Also you will want to check out the SW2014 Beta.