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    Transition condition - Variable equals variable?

    Chris Manger

      I would like to create a Condition in my "Release to Production" transition that checked to make sure the SolidWorks drawing "Revision" custom property is equal to the EPDM Revision.   It seems that the Condition dialog only allows text inside of the Value field.   Is there it possible to do this?




      Variable = Revision

      Comparison = Text Equal To

      Value = Next EPDM Revision

      Configuration = <blank>

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          Laura Whittle

          What is the difference between the Revision Custom Property and the ePDM revsion? Is there a reason why you don't have ePDM populate the drawing revision automatically? Or are you worried about users modifying the revision on the drawing template?

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              Chris Manger

              We are using the SolidWorks revision table.   Since this automatically increments the revision block and custom property for Revision, I want to make sure the EPDM revision matches the custom property on the drawing.

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                  Brian Dalton

                  Chris, the 'EPDM Revision' is stored internally in a revision counter that is part of the EPDM database, and is not stored in a variable or property.  The only way to change this counter is by using the Increment Revision action in a transition.


                  The recommended scheme is to set the Revision variable to match the internal revision counter using a Set Variable action in the same transition that increments the revision counter.  This ensures that the Revision variable matches the internal revision counter.  If the Revision variable is mapped to the appropriate property in the SW file, then that value is also synced up when the file is next opened in SW.


                  The problem with the SW Revision Table is that it wants to manage (increment) the revision value itself, but it is not in communication with EPDM.  If you allow the Revision Table to control the revision, EPDM will not know when it changes and will not sync up with it.  If you allow EPDM to manage the revision value, the Revision Table will not know when to sync up with it.  Since neither has the ability to update the other, you need to choose one and either not use the other or update it manually.


                  For many good reasons, it makes sense to let EPDM manage revisions.  With the above mentioned scenario, you can then have the Revision variable and the Revision property automatically synced with it, and all the revision-driven features of EPDM will be functional.  The downside is that you must update the Revision Table manually.


                  My solution is to not even use a Revision Table per se, but instead to mimic it with a General Table and then manually add the revision value to it when the file is about to be released.  Barring some fancy macros or API addins I know of no better way to handle the affair.

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                      Chris Manger

                      Brian, thanks for the reply.


                      Our VAR setup a method that prompt the user for a rev description when releasing a drawing to production.  While this works, I would rather enter the data while I am in the drawing.   I thought about possibly creating a Dispatch script that compares the EPDM revision to the SWX drawing revision custom property.  If they do not match, the user cannot release the drawing.   Since the EPDM is an internal variable, I might have to create a variable to sync with it?   This would allow us to use the SolidWorks Revision table.   Does this make sense?   What do most companies do?