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    Balloon from no-where right in the middle of my views.

    John Burrill

      This is Composer 2013 SP2 Build (2/13/2013)

      While I was working on my composer document I had a hard, nasty crash-had to reboot my machine to get the composer window to display correctly-and have since noticed a little balloon-black text, white background-that says "Id"

      It's about 40% of the way up from the bottom and appears to be set to a Free2D location which puts it in the middle of every one of my views.

      Some fun facts:

      the annotation is not selectable.

      the SMG file has no entities in the Annotations or Callouts branches of the Collaboration tree.  It's there if I had all of the actors.  It's there if I hide all of the collaborators

      If I go into the BOM work shop and click "Delete Visible Callouts" or "Show/Hid Callouts" there is no effect on the annotation.


      The balloon appears in images created by the hi-resolution workshop, but not all of them.


      -and after crashing while trying to write this, I can't reproduce the problem.

      If you've seen this before let me know.