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Balloon from no-where right in the middle of my views.

Discussion created by John Burrill on Aug 12, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2013 by John Burrill

This is Composer 2013 SP2 Build (2/13/2013)

While I was working on my composer document I had a hard, nasty crash-had to reboot my machine to get the composer window to display correctly-and have since noticed a little balloon-black text, white background-that says "Id"

It's about 40% of the way up from the bottom and appears to be set to a Free2D location which puts it in the middle of every one of my views.

Some fun facts:

the annotation is not selectable.

the SMG file has no entities in the Annotations or Callouts branches of the Collaboration tree.  It's there if I had all of the actors.  It's there if I hide all of the collaborators

If I go into the BOM work shop and click "Delete Visible Callouts" or "Show/Hid Callouts" there is no effect on the annotation.


The balloon appears in images created by the hi-resolution workshop, but not all of them.


-and after crashing while trying to write this, I can't reproduce the problem.

If you've seen this before let me know.