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cosmetic threads suddenly stopped displaying!!

Question asked by Thiago Moraes on Aug 10, 2013
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I am sketching a heat exchanger and I have some threaded holes in it. I used hole wizards for all of them. No problems.


Everything was just fine up to yesterday, when, all of sudden, all cosmetic threads stopped displaying. The cosmetic thread viewing boxes are checkes in options -> document properties, the Hole thread features are present and ok, but it won't display them!


Previous backups of the same document are ok, but there's too much to be done from them.


I have checked the internet and didn't find something similar - I am out of options.


I thought maybe document got corrupted, and I could try copying everything into a new sketch, but I didn't manage to simply copy and paste it all into a new part. Is there a way to do that too?


Any thoughts?



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