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EPDM Transition Action - "Mail To:" changing everytime I open to edit "Send Mail" action.

Question asked by Gary Williams on Aug 10, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2013 by Corey Hinman

I know I set this transition to send e-mail to user “P Tuffnail” and I saved.

When I go back into the transition action to edit the value, it is now changed to “Group: Admin”.


I am not sure whether it is saving my last setting, or whether EPDM changes to the first available selection every time I open in edit mode.

Either way it is very frustrating and am now not sure where my e-mails are going to go!

Some of the transitions are OK, they function normally.


Have you experienced this?

We are running EPDM 2013 sp4.

How do we fix this?


Note: I checked another workflow and it is functioning correctly.

Can this be specific to a workflow?



Just figured out that this problem only happens when I select a specific user to send the e-mail to.

If I select a group all is normal.