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Extruding Text Problem in 2012

Question asked by Terry Lyles on Aug 9, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2013 by Terry Lyles

I am a novice, I want to extrude text apart from any sketck. I have done this with a different font. I want to us Times New Roman. One text group will be 'BIONANOTECHNOLOGY' in this format, all letters will be caps but the 'B' and first 'N' will be larger than the other capitals 'IO", ANOTECHNOTLOGY'. I only know how to accomplish this by individually formating size for the 'B' , then the smaller 'IO', then the larger 'N' and then the smaller 'anotechnology'. When I do this as sepparate text not one word I get an error ' The Sketch has both open and closed contours. Pick a sketch entity to define an open or closed contour. To define a region, pick an area bounded by the sketch geometry.'

When I have the letter grouping intered as four groups I can not extrude. I can only extrude one grouping after I have deleted the other three groupings.

Is there a way to make the four grouping one entity where everything could be extruded?

Can any one help me get this done.

I have several other letter groupins that will have the same formating.