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    Can't access drawing properties window. It's locked to the top right of my screen and I can't see the information. PLEASE HELP :(

    Tyler Banschbach

      Hi everyone,


      I'm trying to access the drawing properties window so that I can change the sheet format on a drawing. Once I click "Properties" the window (or i assume its the window) pops up in the top right corner as you can see from the attached picture. At this point it locks itself. I can't click anything else and the only way to get rid of it is to hit Esc or Enter. Today is not the day for this kind of problem... working under pressure and needing some quick help. So please help me. Thank you in advance and sorry for the urgency.






      Also: I've tried using the alt+tab. I've tried using the windows key and the arrows on my keyboard. I've tried banging my head against the keyboard. None of these worked! Which is surprising because I was really banking on the head to keyboard trick.

      It does not matter the orientation of my Solidworks window. It can be maximized, free sized, or even on the other external monitor and the properties window always goes to the top right of my far right monitor... Out of my reach, locked and ready to annoy me lol