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create folder template only in one type of directory

Question asked by Steven Aumack on Aug 9, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2013 by Steven Aumack

I created a folder template for assembly parts called ASM.  the ASM template just creates a folder tree with a suffix name, and creates 5-6 subdirectories.  I want the users to only be able to make an ASM folder structure in a directory ".\ENG\ASM*". 


However, I want to create ASM folders in project engineering folders.  If I configure the template to use absolute root folder, ASM folders will always go in the same root folder, and I cant create new ASM per project.  And if I put current folder, the user can create ASM folders anywhere instead of under ENG folder.


for example, I want to create the two type of folders


C:\EPDM_Sandbox\Projects\Project_A\ENG\ASM_A, where ASM_A can only be created under ".\ENG\".  A is just a variable name attached to ASM folder title


C:\EPDM_Sandbox\Projects\Project_B\ENG\ASM_B, where ASM_B can only be created under ".\ENG\"