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Administrative Image Option Editor - Client "Deploy Automatically"

Question asked by Nigel Foot on Aug 9, 2013

I am new to solid works and I have installed the Licence Manager on my Apps-server and also created an Administrative Install share along with creating my image. I am looking to push out Solid Works to a number of PCs in our DT Department. When I go to "Deploy Automatically" to at this stage, only one PC, I get the following Status.




These are the firewall settings on the server and I have also told Licence Manager that I am using a firewall. Im not sure if I have missed something from the Admin Install Guide or/and if I need to do anything to my windows 7 client PC? Any advise would be greatly appriciated.


Firewall1.jpg Firewall2.jpg


Edit: I had been trying to Deploy Automatically from the "Administitive Image Option Editor" on the Windows 2003 server that I have the image stored and was getting the "Connection Failed " Warning when trying to Deploy Automatically. I have subsiquently created a shortcut to "Administitive Image Option Editor" (stored on the W2003 Server)  on my Windows 7 Desktop and successfully deployed to a client PC using this method. I am guessing that its no possible to do this from a 2003 server? Although I have found a fix if anyone know this to be true please send a reply to confirm this is the case.


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