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Creating flat pattern from curved surface with bent tab.

Question asked by Evan Gillette on Aug 8, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2014 by Joseph Sensenig

Hello all,


Here is my dilemma, I need to make a few flat patterns and am having trouble comming up with a good method. I am looking for a final ZERO THICKNESS flat pattern to end up moving into autocad but thats easy enough. The problem is getting the complete shape together.


What I have been doing:


1) Knit surfaces together

2) Thicken the surface outboard of my important face.

3) Flatten bends (sheetmetal toolbar)


This is when the tab disapears :/


4) Take a dwg of the flat and take it over to autocad where I add the flap back on and have my way with it.



Why does the tab disapear?

Is there a way to trick it into bending to a non planer surface?


Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!


Attached is a sample file